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    [deep breaths] 1d new songs

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    silly julian

from this brave person who overheard julian blasting 1d’s unreleased songs, rip soon modest will get you. i’ve enhanced a bit of the vines but i can’t do anything about the noise as it’ll kill their vocals
1. harry
2. niall (or liam)
3. 1d harmonizing [wipes tears]
4. zayn
5. louis [chokes]
6. niall 

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This photo was stolen from my blog over the summer for that reddit fat people hate page of bullshit. It happened after I made a post about how horrible and ridiculous it was that people took time out of their day to make people feel horrible about existing in their skin. People made disgusting comments about me, many focusing on if my body proportions still made me fuckable. 

But I genuinely don’t give a fuck what anyone says about my body. I am happy in my skin, and I don’t care how fuckable you think I am or am not. I know that many of the people who take part in that page were trying to humiliate me after I stood up against the horrible things they were saying about people. But that says so much about the people who participate in body shaming.

I will never not be confident in my skin because others don’t like my body.  

fucking flawless. perfect


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